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    @TheLostOne 367875 wrote:

    I think the media have not a lot to do with this. Media or no media, the cunts are still going to do it. I still have the same opinions before I even seen the media coverage of said CUNTS.

    It has everything to do with this, come on.

    Take the Luton protest at the soldiers parade. There were some 25 Muslim protestors waving banners and shouting at the soldiers. This became headline news on all channels, the papers went mental, the Sun created outrage, the Mail spouted their hate.

    On the same day there was tens of thousands of people marched in Belfast for peace in Northern Ireland, as a protest to recent paramilitary activity. This union from both sides of the conflict got barely any coverage, yet 25 odd protesters did. Also, there were two other soldiers parades on the same day, which passed without any trouble.

    However, cue two weeks of media outrage, bandwagon jumping, condemnation and general spouted hate against a generalisation, nots specific people. Take the Mail reporting that Sharia Law may be implemented in the country. Not it won’t, it was never seriously suggested or even talked about, it was an out-of-context quote from some nobody judge. But the Mail loved to stir up that hate, and twisted a story out of it. Fantastic.

    There was a mass of Muslims who protested directly against the extremists who had abused the soldiers. Did this get widely reported in the Sun/Mail/Torygraph/Times? No.

    Media and perception has everything to do with it.