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    DJCliffy;324623 wrote:
    FFS! That bird that i saw recently and am now friends with, well her ex found out we saw each other and now is baying for my blood, The stupid fucking cunt. They weren’t even together at the time but now it seems he blames me and is after me big style. If he even tries it, I’m gonna smash him up, don’t care if i get in trouble, Fucking pissed off, Don’t need this shit!!! :head_bang

    bullshit macho shite, tbh mate, i cant stand people like that, it’s like they have to prove their masculinity by kickin off over anything involvin women, whether it’s actually an issue or not

    leave it unless he does start summat and if he does just verbally make it clear how much he’s being a cunt and how it doesnt even make sense why hes doing it, and if he continues and then gets physical you have every right to kick fuck out of him and keep the moral high ground.