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Tank Girl

@DaftFader 455928 wrote:

wow that’s alot of time. U sure it’s not somthing else causing the pain … I don’t wanna worry you, but that doesn’t sound right to me. (alltho I’ve never had period pains so don’t know if they are obviously from your period as opposed to some other reason).

There’s one type (mby more) of “the pill” that’s suposed to help quash period pains … might be a worth looking into if you havn’t allready, one of my ex’s used to take it for that reason. We were ofc both virgins and never had unprotected sex (or sex at all for that matter). :biggreen:

LOL!! cheers babe, I have endometriosis, and am on a pill that is meant to be good for PMT etc but its not working for the pain, I am due to go and see another specialist – so hopful they can cut it out, but its so so sore :(( off to search in the medicine cabinet