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Tank Girl

    @hat 443071 wrote:

    that’s really shit 🙁 the same happened to me a few years ago and i had to get a private doctor because nobody else seemed to give me the time of day and would just fob me off with excuses about growing pains and stuff. hope you get it sorted! go in and make a fuss.

    its a fucking nightmare – had been fobbed off by GP’s for years and basically told to put up with it after being put on the pill for it about 11 yr ago

    finally got a doctor to listen – ref’d to gynae, had a scan and told I need a laparoscopy and waited and waited, to be honest although I have called, written and my GP phoned and faxed 3+ times over the last year,

    I’ve hung off pushing for it in the last few months as I need to finish this course in 5 weeks and if I have the laparoscopy think I’ll be off work for about a week (not sure) but I really wanna go mental as its just not good enough!!!!! Esp as I am already meant to be in their system and i should only have waited a few weeks….. they think it endometriosis hence the pain – would just be nice to know one way of the other to be honest!