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    Hi all ,
    This is a work related rant so dont all fall asleep reading this !!!! My Rant and im sure you’ve all experienced this from time to time . Your going about your job with the rest of your work mates and theres a problem slightly out of the normal which requires some thought and head scratching to solve . As time progresses various ideas get thrown in and your supervisor/manager decides to dismiss all ideas given and carries on with something that you all know aint gonna work . However minutes later then comes up with your idea as an idea of their own and its then carried out and it works . Then after the disaster is averted and your all chilling out with a well deserved brew you hear your supervisor/Manager then say to their manager what a good idea they came up with all on their own and how well it worked ……… it just me or does that make you mad as well……..or do i need therapy ?