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    not only is learning to drive a car (and pass the UK driving test) still a big mission for me (it is only because of this weather and working 11km away from town I need to do this), in the UK people drive far worse when the weather is bad and if they see a vehicle with learner plates they often try and overtake it in dangerous ways. And when times are hard what happens first in UK and even USA is not that people go mad with guns/knifes/bombs but they start driving even worse.

    Last night there were some times at one big roundabout where I was genuinely fearing for my safety driving back home, the people here are the sort who will crash into you, but if they and their vehicle are still just about in one piece they will drive off back home and only begrudgingly hand themselves in at the cops after when the CCTV pictures are in the papers (I read local history out of interest and there are news reports from the 1700s of bad crashes in horse carriages and people getting fined for their behaviour on the roads..)

    when I got to work cars at the car park were so badly parked I ended up immediately warning the matron as the Ambulance would not be able to get in our out easily. Worst of all, these cars belong to folk who are visiting the patients, so it could be their relative who needs the blue light Ambulance…