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Shit Robot

    I am so chuffed:love::love: About Three years ago i was cycling home from work on a quiet country lane when i came across a young woman in tears obviously very distressed,i stopped and asked if she was ok and was immediately told to fuck off,carried on my way a few hundred yards and came accross a car with some sketchy looking bloke in it,dont know why but i turned around and reapproached the woman and again asked if she was really ok and was again told to fuck off.So i carried on home wondering about what i had seen and eventually forgot all about it.Till this morning me and Mrs GD nip to town for supplies and in the wholefood shop a woman says “I know you” and gives me a big hug there and then,turns out she was the woman from yonks ago,the guy in the car was her boyfriend and they had had a row.and she had felt bad about telling me to fuck off foer ages.I like people today:love::love: