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    Nice thread – so true – this is my happy safe place :group_hug Please don’t leave me – ever! :love:

    Btw . . . .

    DaftFader;316323 wrote:
    hugz!:group_hug… i have met like 7 odd people from here

    Lets get this straight … You’ve only met 7 ‘ODD’ people on this site?:laugh_at:

    No disrespect to anyone at PV – but i have never been accused of being ‘NORMAL’ :you_crazy – 7 seems a very low number of ODD people here – although you didn’t say how long u were searching for them?
    Also – if anyone here knows the meaning of this word, please share!:hopeless:

    ODD? Personally, I consider it a compliment! :weee:

    Plurry hugs to all :group_hug