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imo some of it is people who have too narrow minds or are unwilling to accept that other people may have different tastes to themselves so its easier to go along with the crowd and seem cool by not liking psy. obviously some people just dont like it. its also one of those things when you just look at a scene without actually getting to know it then it does all look the same, there all hippies etc because you havent spent the time to see the differences, in the music the different parties, different people that go etc. if your not familiar with something it is easy to just see it as a one dimentional thing and then judge it on that. i moved from the techno scene to psy and i used to slag psy off as well! :laugh_at:

personally i wouldnt say psy isnt commercial, if commercial means to make money from it then imo its one of the most commercial underground styles of music. dont get me wrong i love seeing big names i wouldnt normally see and the nice decor and stuff, but 10-25 for a squat party is ridiculous. there seems like so much competition between organisers to put on a better party than the other promotor. Seems like there is no unity in the scene in that respect. id be just as happy to go listen to psy played by random dj’s or whatever that you dont have to fly in and that dont charge money, but are just simply playing because of the love of the music, it seems to me that when promotors bitch about you should expect to pay this much because it has to be worth while for us to put the party on and we have to pay for this guy and that guy.. what actually happened about doing the party for the love of the music?? not for the money. most techno party’s do this so i dont see what the difference is unless it is all about the money. i dont care who plays the music or really what the place looks like, i go there for the music.

sorry bit of a rambling post to..