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Ill Horse

    haha, use the word ‘shit’ and loads ppl reply..

    just compared to other sites, thers never a lot of feedback here, put quite a few mixes up in the past, ppl just grab.
    i dont care really tbh

    this mix is no way satisfactory enough lol, it was just a play around on traktor, without any headphones which was harder.. thers a few fuck ups.
    i just wanted a mix full of these tunes so did it, and thought i may as well share

    i normally mix vinyl, and am more chuffed with the bassline one i did, and the tech house one i put up couple of weeks ago..

    mixes by Ill Horse are mine, I just changed my name on here. Ill Horse isnt my dj name just my name on sj. lol

    thanks for feedback ppl 🙂