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    there’s always the risk of “passive consumption” with mixes

    loads of people download mixes on here but never post anything on the site (let alone feedback) – ironically many are even from our region. and those are the ones we host using our bandwidth and resources

    Also we sometimes get promoters who “share” a mix to try and plug a commercial event they are doing (although I appreciate you never do this) and that makes people cynical pandas…

    And in my case I gave up DJ’ing and trainspotting mixes years ago (well OK I will still ocassionally have a spin on the decks), so I don’t know what to say other than “nice mix mate” (unless there was loads of train wrecks and it was bare overmodulated on recording but this is never the case on your mixes)

    I’m not a psy trance fan but I’ve downloaded a fair few of your other mixes, and I often listen to them whilst cycling back home – in fact as I got that much into your breaks mix last year (became the anthem for my summer) – I nearly rode straight into a huge anglian water roadworks because I wasn’t paying attention to the road..