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    Hi Gaz ,
    Gotta love the sound of the merlin 🙂 … to see those old planes in the air …….i guess im a bit sad like that . Been inside the lanc ……scary stuff looks so big , yet inside so small !!!! . No ejector seats no the crew had to find an exit and throw themselves out !!!! , if that puppy was in a spin very unlikely !!! . I knew an ex rear gunner at school …..was a teachers helper . The guy was as tall as me !!!! 6ft 2 ….he had two options on bail out …ditch the guns and reverse the turret and open the hatch and bail . Or crawl up past the wings and bail out the door !!! … armour except in the pilots head rest ……no insulation and no sound proofing !!!!! . Cold and noisy for god knows how many hours !!!! …..brave people !!!!