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    unfortunately I don’t think that is possible, as Police pretty much worldwide have to accept their local laws whatever their personal views may be

    ravers are still a minority group within most nations, whilst most governments (and by extension the majority of their people) agree that at present recreational drug use should be illegal, and that private property rights (even those relating to abandoned or disused property) are to be respected by “normal” citizens

    Free parties involve breaking both of these laws (as well as various other lesser laws relating to local noise or licensing restrictions) and few law enforcement officers or authorities are prepared to engage in any form of dialogue with suspected “criminals”.

    It would be seen by many (particularly those with conservative, traditional views who have power within society) as a mockery of the traditional social systems if they did so.

    The only time the cops have posted here “in uniform” so to speak was about 5 years ago (back in the time when you could get away with even posting regions where parties might happen on here) when they warned a crew in SW England that they were monitoring this board and would stop their event (which they did).