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    PaulM wrote:
    That s MAD how ever was it enough Evidence. :hopeless:
    Poor Chap!

    it was used with other evidence such as the cops’ own photos and statements from locals.

    people were very careless and were using SJ gallery as a place to dump entire camera chips rather than selectively editing the pics

    many pics uploaded shots of rig vans and rig people with registration marks, from landmarks in the background its reasonable proof

    each gallery showed who it was uploaded by, its simple enough for the cops to also monitor the messageboard and work out from the threads who associates with who. And when arguments happen people tend to stick up for their friends and local rigs – loads of info leaks out that way.

    also most rigs have distinctive speakers and sometimes banners that identify who they are, people would put comments like “DJ **** playing his set”

    matched up with helicopter footage (which contains GPS position and timecode data), and other info CID have got on people there would be plenty of evidence for Court..

    plus people who take photos didn’t think about metadata. As most of you who own digital cameras know (or should know) your camera stores a bunch of stuff in the jpg file such as the date and time taken, type of camera, shutter and aperture settings… most PCs on broadband sync to atomic clocks over the internet so their time and date is usually fairly accurate..

    if this data isn’t removed thats more proof the picture of a certain place was taken at a certain time…