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    binge wrote:
    Haven’t you ever played ‘spot the undercover pig’ at parties. Great fun.

    (Although until I grew my hair I was often accused of being OB!)

    Telltale signs are often: Bottles of lucazade, and excessively over the top spitting on the floor (to mimic k-heads I suppose)!

    the spitting is a new one (presumably since K became more popular) – but the ones we got in Thames Valley often dressed like what ravers might have looked like in 1989 (presumably when the training manuals were last updated)

    mind you nowadays there’s probably enough 30-something cops who used to be ravers but either gave up, burned out or had a negative experience so crossed the blue line (people my friends know have quit raving and joined the old bill), so its stupid to assume cops don’t have good knowledge about how the rave scene works

    I don’t think they try that many proper deep cover ops, as when the Met did this in the 1990s they lost loads of young officers who thought that raving and drugs was way more fun than following rules and ended up having to be sectioned/invalided out of the force…

    jokes, until you realise it costs the public purse about 50 grand per cop which goes out that way (IMO they should have sued them for the cost of their training and salary)

    oh yeah, and as Asians aren’t that common at raves I used to be accused of being a cop as peopel thought “they always send the “streetwise ethnic minority” officers on this sort of job…”