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    those stupid people that started chucking bottles at the 5.0 have ruined any possiblity of credible news coverage. As a result Essex police have now thought it was a good time to launch a Crimewatch episode (last Sunday) looking for 11 “ravers” wanted for the Great Chesterford rave last August Bank Hols! No coverge whatsoever on how many ravers were injured, just that apparently 64 officers were injured, even though the number was originally 19 last August. Im a writer and have probably written the only fair piece on the party for Time Out (London) who are just about the only media willing to relay the real story. Those kids who chucked bottles have only legitimised police heavy handedness. That said, whatever happened to all that You tube footage on the ob kicking at the “riot” in Essex, and how come they’ve got away with giving someone another ASBO..?
    In general I think you guys are all pretty stupid. Get you cameras out and start taping the next time they kick in.
    And yes, I agree, K is running and ruining parties.. get your headz together and get mobilised.