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7-8 years too late anyway.

There is now nothing positive that can come out of further media exposure of unlicensed parties even if the producers do have good intentions.

There isn’t actually a lot at free parties what makes particularly interesting video unless its for your own crew/friends, I know as I’ve shot a fair bit myself and out of a 2 hour tape I’d use 20 minutes if that and I know far better than to share it to the public net and a potentially hostile audience.

Even though I think many events featured are long outside the statute of limitations (the timeframe for prosecution) and none are from East Anglia (I stopped making the videos after moving here as I obviously wouldn’t have the same level of acceptance and trust from a new bunch of people) they are not going to go on you tube or be distributed anywhere else out of respect for those involved.

Some may still be active on the scene and I refuse to do anything what may risk getting them in trouble merely to show off my creative skills. Also all thats happened is the films that have already been uploaded are being used as a free resource by other journos and the cops to identify people involved in the scene.

These videos are also now considered by “normals” to be in the same league as happy slapping or even football hooligan/extremism DVD’s – and those who edit and distribute them are liable to be at least investigated for “glorifying crime”.

There is still room for videos of legal events and interviews etc with artists, documentary stuff about music etc and home made music videos but the last thing we need is a “channel U” style treatment of what remains of the free party scene :hopeless: