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timid rabbit
Dom_sufc wrote:
You have, but In more of a deliberate subtle way. You are Implying that people who don’t know are Idiots more or less.

The crime here Is people exploiting people, not people being undereducated in certain areas. You are directing yourself at the wrong people.

An unfortunate inevitable part of life, is that some day everyone will be taken by surprise. You cannot blame that person for not knowing these things beforehand, that Is why you get taken by “surprise”.

Its pretty Ignorant to be so critical of people just because they don’t know all the legalities of whatever they’re doing. There are alot of reasons why people don’t read up on everything there is to know about their job, house, bank, clothes. Just because of In this particular case you have read about It, Im sure there are plenty of loopholes In your life where you could be fucked up the rear end, because you dont know enough about the subject. Im talking everything about your rights to take back some bad quality shoes, to knowing the fine print on your mortgage.

Now in respect to all of the above: a person who has for some reason forgot to read that line of the small print; does not deserve to be scammed.

fucking nice well pointed out…………………raaa