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General Lighting wrote:
One big problem though is our society gives double standards – our government thinks its OK for our soldiers to bully foreigners to get their oil, our national broadcaster shows a drama programme where people get away with fighting and domestic violence (OK the characters go to jail but its shown more as a holiday camp than the reality), sportspeople seem to get away with violence at games and beating up their partners – how are youths expected to behave after seeing this?

I agree so much with you on this one, in our culture at this time the population is so massively influenced by the power of our media, i like to think that i’m open minded, but i am sure in many ways i’ve been manipulated without my knowing.
Every day in the newspapers we are told detailed stories about violence, we watch films and teleivision which glamourises the violence, reality tv shows full of arguing and bitching, no intellectual converstations are aired. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favourite films is battle royal, but I’m sure that too much of these images would make me feel it was more socially acceptable.