Forums Music Speaker Plans Plans for my PERSONAL rig, any thoughs? Re: Plans for my PERSONAL rig, any thoughs?

    noname wrote:
    Pretty much like he says (apart from the bits about the Turbosound equipment – Turbo’s are the mutts nuts IMO…:wink:).

    Ill explain myself, the tdx215’s i have used are good cabs they do produce a good sound however they are setup, powered and used incorrectly so are unreliable (that would happen to any speaker from any brand). The TDX range are aimed at the very high end mobile dj/small club market, get enough of them and power them correctly (in terms of amplifer watts and mains power watts) and they will hoof it out.

    noname wrote:
    the first rule of engineering is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) 😉

    VERY good advice