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MC G-Tek

@General Lighting 547333 wrote:

PS: I see no pirates (and I have put in my contact lenses), either they have sailed up the Thames whilst the fed are trying to stop EDL versus “muslamic” folks kicking off, or you mean the change to a Google Custom Search. If there is anything you really think should not be happening on the site please let us know..

I fart on Google Custom Searches! Bring back the searchbar forthwith! I would try and look for it, but there’s no search bar to try and find it with – it’s the net equivalent of losing your phone and not being able to call it to find out where it is cos you’ve lost your phone!

Everything that was here when I first joined this site seems to be being phased out. Next thing there’ll be a removal of any mention of parties, vibes, or radios from threads and we’ll start the transition to being the internet’s no. 1 goose-trading website! Progress? I fart on that too!