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MC G-Tek

    @DeezNuts 520584 wrote:

    I agree – but it’s the only term that can encompass all forms of dance music made electronically.. i don’t normally use it otherwise 😛 but the word ‘Techno’ just whoever came up with it deserves to be shat on. Techno is an actual genre with blip blop noises from like the late 80’s i swear.. especially when people refer to Trance as techno i shed a tear.
    Fuck i’m drunk and rambling

    Techno was a Detroit sound in the 80’s initially, but grew and evolved as all forms of dance music do. Techno was usually attributed to the more ‘hardcore’ sounds of the scene (i.e. not house music), some tunes that are classed as happy hardcore are bouncy techno tunes to us of a certain age and even gabba was known as gabba tekno in it’s early days (and abbreviating that is where the name G-Tek comes from), but it seems to be an American thing (possibly because of the Detroit lineage) to class dance music as ‘techno’, though the rebranding brigade then started calling it EDM to try and get away from the reputation of ‘raves’. Fuck, I’m not drunk and I’m still rambling!