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MC G-Tek

    @The Psyentist 520567 wrote:

    Bit of a long story but basically my drunk of a neighbour puts food in his garden to feed all the local moggies so we get an influx of domesticated and ferral cats crossing our garden. Because I’m no hypocrit whatever Nazi grammar punishments I deliver to others I will serve myself when I make a mistake. The punishment for mispronouncing any vowel in the word process is to capture a minimum of 15 cats from Bill’s garden, (and I can tell where you found a cat, I just have a gift) using whatever methods you see fit somehow adhere these lives cats (zip ties are my personal choice) to the nearest car wash managed by polish peoples. Finally you walk through the car wash twice. First time you are a Morris miner, second time you enter as Fiat multipla (yes you do deserve this). Whether you are the specified vehicles merely in your head or you actually go to the trouble of hiring or making a costume is up to you. If you make an impressive costume and present it prior to the crime, number of cats being captured from Bill’s garden may be reduced.

    The CAT scan is obviously to gauge how my cat catching skills have improved throughout the year. The better I become at luring in pussy the more grammatical errors I must be making. Simples *makes meerkats noise

    Ahahahahahaha! Can’t think of a response to even equal that, let alone better it man, love it!