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    this abusive behavior is part of the same reason that there are growing ristrictions on the free party sceen … time and time again i have heared people mention about self regulation .. with regards to drugs and behaviour.
    it’s all well and good have free speach and freedom to do what you want .. but when what you are doing is wrong then it becomes a diferent thing … you have been given a power to speak freely .. don’t abuse it because the way things are going in this world you don’t know how long you will keep that right for. the whole idea of free speach and freedom to self regulate what you do depends on the people envolved not messing up time and time again by being abusive to other people you are not only going against one of the core values of the rave/free party sceen .. (plur) .. you are allso bring it on top for every one else that follows these ideals as they get tared with the same brush… think b4 you type and ffs be nice to people even if there horible to you .. or you are just as bad as them! …


    DontBeliveTheHype! :group_hug