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i don’t have a problem with the music – it’s a personal taste after all. i have a slight problem with the scene for various reasons. for one thing it’s an extremely arrogant, pretentious and elitist scene – something which the real rave scene is definitely not all about. for me the true rave scene shows a lot of acceptance and tolerance, it is very unified. this is certainly not the case with “nu-rave”.

we’ve seen it done with “nu-metal”. the media-market takes the name of a well established underground scene, and pushes the name of it into the mainstream, but uses a completely different style of music to do so. the money of underground scenes often goes back into the scene – the money from “nu-rave” goes into some fat marketing twats pockets.

also it’s just a tad annoying when people reckon they are going “raving” when they mean a 18+ club night which ends at 11pm :laugh_at:

really it doesn’t annoy me too much because it’s a fad and will die out in about a year, but it looked like you were looking for ravers to find problems with this new scene, so i complied 😉