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    shame its gone, but TBH the whole “free speech” thing online only means you get as much free speech as the people who pay for the resources can agree on. In this game people can not only take their ball away , they can dig up the whole playground if they are the ones paying for it…

    also maybe its because i’m a cynical Southerner but I wouldn’t trust a forum alone for private comms. All it takes is one member to get busted for say 1000 pills and have their PC seized (standard procedure these days) – if they are not IT literate the whole thing is compromised – or they can be “encouraged” to hand over their passwords.

    PS: could one of you please post up a map of “stuff North of Kings Lynn” [1] so I have some clue of where the places you talk about actually are?

    I sort of know where some places are as I used to fix stuff for Granada and Yorkshire TV, but the furthest North I have been in my life is Mansfield…

    [1]see, I have expanded my horizons..