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Thing is if he can’t drive and can’t recruit other staff quickly that business will soon go under and a case like that tends to get reported in the local rags (TVP also leak out info, I’m sure one private employer found out about me getting arrested a while back via a dodgy method) and it can cost customers. Its why I keep out of trouble nowadays as where I live people boycott businesses what employ criminals, including minor ones (a big problem for the staff at Hollesley Bay who are trying to rehabilitate them).

Even cash in the bank or other cash reserves doesn’t always show things like personal debts especially to HM Revenue and Customs, and they are tenacious and prepared to deal with psychos to get their money. Nowadays they aren’t armed (though have authority to be) they do use armed police / SOCA to back them up when required and have more right of entry than Old Bill as they’ve been around longer and have people trying to bomb them every other week (same as most govt departments).

A lot of small business owners don’t always separate their personal and business finances properly and can come unstuck due to a number of complicated legal issues.

This is also why a lot of other businesses tend to be wary of small businesses run by the kind of “stubborn indepdent small businessperson”, there are a fair few psychos in these companies.

Many are in jobs requiring manual / physical work but even then not all look particularly hard or scarey, for instance one what assaulted his ex’s new partner was actually the last person even I thought would do such a thing (whilst there are also many people who are all mouth and no action) – you also come across big angry looking blokes who in fact spend their spare time rescuing lost pets or flower arranging! Also “professional” psychopaths (in something like accountancy or IT) often do things like defraud companies after years of working otherwise perfectly for them or take unneccesary risks with customers simply for fun and because its not outwardly violent its often hard to spot. However a surprising amount of accountants do actually keep guns (usually licensed) and now and then do shoot people they have disagreed with… West Berks was quite bad for that. Also women can be as bad if not worse than men for sketchy behaviour and sabotage in the workplace, I trust very few people and don’t have real “friends” at work and even outside am very wary but its worth it to advance my career as things could be a lot worse for someone my age.

In medium to large companies security procedures tend to weed out many of the more sketchy folk (this is why they ask really wierd random questions on application forms or at interviews) unless they are intellectually clever enough to get round them (you do for instance get a few people from BT what snap under pressure, there was a workplace murder/sucide there recently, and an Openreach engineer battered and badly injured a rival footy supporter in front of his own Dad (and loads of other witnesses) at Portman Road (his Dad was so shocked he gave evidence in Court for the prosecution).

There are real dangers as a fair few self made businessmen even from the “middle classes” who have fallen on bad times have wiped out their own family and torched the house/business premises (so the creditors get nothing) rather than give in, one shot every living creature including 60 chickens – and they will treat their own flesh and blood like that they don’t give a shit about employees or customers, and often even the feds can’t do anything other than clear up the mess after the incident has happened as other than maybe the odd traffic offence most of them have relatively clean records.

I was actually at the BT research place recently and whilst its not as full on as it once was they are very security aware, I couldn’t even have got away with photographing a long egg that was served at breakfast – but they have laid off a lot of people yet kept on various foreign contractors and there are plenty of former employees there what could easily make a bomb if they wanted to and try and blame it on rival religion/multiculturalism..

you will probably be OK after 25 for insurance but most employers would be more concerned about the theft bit – I’m so fucking glad now I didn’t go down that route as I came close enough after narrowly failing my driving test in the 90s, its bad enough with my drugs record for some jobs (there are many other ways of finding out about peoples pasts without using CRB). Even though I wouldn’t have nicked someones main car, “nicking” two scrap/abandoned ones (even if no one else actually wants them) and putting them together to make a working one still got classed as TWOC (on top of all the other offences) by TVP when they caught up with you…