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@MC G-Tek 524716 wrote:

Ha ha, no need to feel sorry for me mate, I have nothing against Bjork or Radiohead, but their music sounds depressing as hell to me, so I don’t listen to it.

If you love music as much as you say you do, then surely you can understand why I say some things sound depressing – that’s the great thing about music, it can make you happy, sad, angry, whatever, depending on your personal preferences and the instruments and lyrics that are used to make that music.

Like you, I don’t just listen to ‘EDM’ (god, I hate that phrase), I have fairly diverse tastes, but for whatever reason, I just can’t listen to stuff that my brain interprets as ‘wrist-slitting’ music. Like Deez said, music’s all about opinion – that’s not to say one opinion’s right or better than another, but these opinions (on everything, not just music) are what make up who we are as individuals. They define and even pre-determine our actions.

Music releases dopamine in me always, so if i do feel sadness from a song it’s a blissful happy beautiful sadness which brings depth to the music and i enjoy it more. I don’t ever and never have felt depressed from a song. honestly.