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MC G-Tek

    @Izbeckistan 524738 wrote:

    LOFFLES! brutal…but honest 😉 :p

    Bacon tastes like leather insoles that belong to polish farm workers.
    Ghost busters is and was always shit. People just say they like it to be ‘kitsch’
    All hip hop artists talk about is how they didn’t have money, and now they have lots.
    sports clothes look shit, and people are morons for wearing them and advertising a faceless cash cow.
    jeremy clarkson is an ugly unfunny racist (and probably a sex offender)
    The guy that plays rocky is somebody with down syndrome who got lucky.
    minimal techno sounds like people dropping things on the floor, and picking them up again.
    manga is for weird basement dwelling peedos.
    People with tribal tattoos are neanderthals.
    Atheism definitively does not make you intelligent.
    football is just border line millionaire rapists sheep herding a ball into an out door cupboard.
    All us regular posters are cyber junkies to scared/lazy to do anything creative or productive with our time.
    Size DOES matter.
    Dubstep should of died in 08.
    Childbirth is not a ‘beautiful miracle’
    Nature is not beautiful.
    Paying for sex makes you automatically an unsavory character.
    Girls that read twilight have father issues.
    Pokemon where never that great in the first place.
    Ironic mustaches should be burned of with a flame thrower and the area should be rubbed with lemon, salt and poop.
    The beetles where and are over rated by miles.

    Probs missed a few….

    I’d go along with all bar 3 of those as it happens – can’t believe you’ve just incurred the wrath of a cryptozoologist by dissing bacon though! You do realise he’ll feed you to MBP for this don’t you?