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The problem with this country is it is in denial, its fucked over and fucked up from which every way and the cause is not clear and it is muddied by changes that have taken place over the long 10 centuries of bloody rule, changes that came from the like of plague, empire building and world war, changes that led to rights being won back but because the cause is never tackled because of the denial of the fact we have a system that is classed and these so called freedoms are clawed back and sub-class is turned on sub-class and the upper(class)gets the pleasure and the lower(class)gets the blame, there are only two classes IMO middle is just a sub-class of lower and they are in denial if they think any different.

Britain is still under full occupation from the 1066 invasion, the denial of this allows others to be blamed, allows the symptoms to be blamed and the cause to continue.

At the moment to varying degrees some people gather monies and privilege directly from the crimes of this occupation and the so called middle-england are quite happy to benefit directly or indirectly (they want to seek some equality in the land before they get any sympathy from me.)

The same goes for the new puritans, the same for the old puritans and the civil war, DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL.


that said GL is right to be worried by this sympton but the cause is my pet subject