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yoyo, thx for warm welcome.

But ye, especially in holland its becoming increasingly difficult to do anything with government being all freaked out about recent unrests at those mass gatherings(like hoek van holland thing or whatever). Many mainstream events had been cancelled. Theres also this new anti-squat law which is killing many underground hangouts. Its ridiculous that you cant just put up a sound system somewhere and invite people to have fun. Fun is like becoming outlawed or something. Friend of mine had a little birthday party in tilburg, he rented some equipment and put it on the parking lot in front of his place. There were only like 10 people there and the sun was still high up. But within an hour or two we already got agents on our ass asking for a permit. Which my friend actually tried to secure but failed. I mean…. come on.

On other hand you got all those mainstream parties where entrance costs like 40-50 euros. I worked at the dominator festival a couple of years back, checkin tickets. The organization was awful as about a 1000 people had to stand in a line passing out from the heat while the security checks were going on and when i went to check out the party itself some dude collapsed in front of me and by the time the first aid dudes got there he was like all blue. None of the people organizing those things are actually concerned about the people neither they give a damn about the scene.

But ye, what i always wanted to do is to bring people from different groups together. Like i said, im an outsider but i hang out with all sorts of people. There are always those tekno parties with hippies and what not, or artschool kid parties or gabber parties(im not talking dumb sketchy dudes that did too much xtc back in the days and still didnt snap out of it). And it would be nice to see everyone under one roof for once. Its how it supposed to be i think. I had small(like 50ppl) gigs at my old place with dj’s mixing oldskool rave with 80s synth pop or whatever, with all kinds of people there and everyone loved it! Give me a warehouse where i can fit 200 people in and with some collaboration i can do things. But as it is now, it just sucks really.