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    Hello I’m new too! I’ve visited Switzerland, but I would love to go to Denmark someday. FUNNY STORY……..after you mentioned the no age limit alcohol thing, I realized that my Brother and his Family just got back from vacation there! I don’t think he knew about the age limit thing with alcohol, cause my Niece…she is only ,like, 6. I don’t think he knew that, so I’m laughing and both mad at my brother…..more into the funny part though.

    Aside from that really funny moment, I always think of Denmark and your Imported cookies that come in a Tin Can. I grew up eating that stuff and seeing pictures of painted images from Denmark. It’s like TRADEMARK Grandma and Granpa eateries when you visit their house.

    Also, this was during my drug years……but do you guys still have royalty? I vaguely remember meeting a Fashion Designer from Hollywood, someone said she was royalty from that area (I’m not the type of person that treats people differently over others……). She very pretty, I tried to contact her when I was in Switzerland but the Denmark phone number she gave me was in Spanish. She was either in Hollywood or in Spain at the time. ALSO, I am almost certain she’s royal blood line because I met her the same I met a director that helped out Johnny Depp establish his acting career. That crowd is soo fun. If I ever bump into them again I would take them to parties left and right.