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    to be fair the behringer kit is actually hybrid and you can connect analogue stuff to it as well.

    I can see josh’s POV as he is still young and enthusiastic (actually when I was his age analogue was all we had :laugh_at:) but realistically the electronic dance music scene has taken a fucking huge hammering in the last few years.

    “back in the day” a lot of dance music labels were funded by events what were funded by drugs sales funded by the crime networks. The Met and other surrounding Police forces have got a lot smarter, used brains (forensic accoutancy) as well as brawn and put a stop to much of this revenue stream, and the drugs market is saturated anyway now and itself eroded by “legal” highs..

    The MP3 download culture shut off the revenue stream from the other end. I know so many would be producers who have been forced back into the day job and many who have given up altogether – I’ve sat at afterparties with people what had record labels and studios a few years back and now they are selling it all and getting jobs in insurance companies etc especially with folks getting older and having kids to look after.

    The money has mostly gone out of this scene and people are price concious so it increasingly means a “dual use” of PC equipment what would have normally been in an office rather than people being able to be audio purists, and as much as we all like vinyl it is expensive to produce (and not very environmentally friendly either!)

    I am myself am a former DJ (raves, pirate and legal radio) and an experienced AV project engineer who has worked for a few UK and foreign broadcasters – but today work in normal office environments as I get paid several grand more to do this sort of job than to look after kit for “creative industries”.

    I’m actually thinking of getting one of them BCD3000s myself because I want to get back into music/media production but I know it is always gonna be a hobby in my limited spare time than a proper job so £150 is all I can really afford to spend on it.