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NONAME, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I know you spent a lot of time replying. I really do appreciate the inputs.

I forgot to include that my budget around 1100-1300 for this project.

As for the mixer, the 2222FX is only a 8 channel mixer. The 2442FX is a 24 channel and was the old mixer that was stolen. What other mixer brand would you recommend that has 8-12 channels and is reasonable with my budget?

What do u recommend for a compressor? Would the Behringer Autocom PRO-XL MDX1600 be a good one?What is a compressor anyway? I would like one without much configuration. If I get a compressor, what other types of equipment would I need add for my buy list. (cables, wires, etc..). Does it connect to the Amp or Mixer?

The wireless mics is a must have. They have performances and meetings where wires are just not safe(kids walk across wires sometimes). From reading reviews on wireless mics for that price range, It seems the Nady’s I’ve chosen should be ok.

I don’t intend to buy new speakers as the budget is limited. Thanks for the info though. They need the long wires because the setup for events changes cause they go the way in at times.

I’m lost when you get into numbers on the mics. They use to have ¼ plug mics before and the quality on it was so bad. I intend to buy XLR mics only now. I did change to the SHURE brand.

The Peavy amp you suggested is $20 more than the QSC. I think I will go with the PEAVY if that’s your recommendation.

Below is an updated list with the new stuff. If you got any more inputs or if i’m missing anything that make the system work, please let me know. Thanks again.

Guitar Center Purchase List:

  • Peavy PV 1500 AMP $449.99
  • Behringer Xenyx 2222FX Mixer $279.99
  • Behringer Compressor PRO-XL MDX1600 $99.99
  • Shure 3pack Microphone PG48 $79.99
  • Monster Cable S-100 50ft. Speaker cable $59.99 ($59.99*2=$119.98)
  • Musicians Gear 30ft XLR M/F Mic Cable. $14.99 ($14.99*2=$29.98)
  • Monster Cable S-100 3ft. XLR Mic Amp-Mixer Cable $19.99 ($19.99*2=$39.98)
  • Nady UHF-4/HT Wireless Mics $99.99 ($99.99*2=$199.98)