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    I remember having to draw diagrams for our electonics projects in school. But they wern’t anything massive. I think the biggest thing we did was designing a bread board (or maybe it was a circuit board can’t remember) That supported a moisture detecting copper prongs. A membrain swith which closed the circuit, and an LED light and a buzzer that would light up. Now I think about it it may not have been all of those componants on one project ( I may have a flick through my old school books to check some day) But yeah. I’m pretty sure we had to use or resistor ID templates to find out exactly what colour bands we had to use. I want to say that we used a capacitor to but I could be wrong. Maybe it was something else. I think it was the little top hat shaped one cos I remember the teacher telling us the UFO story of how thy came to be. All this ran of a 9volt battery so I am probably getting my wires crossed (see what I did there lol) Anyway for the theory work we had to draw the diagrams which is as far as I have ever gone with that.

    Oh in I.T they had us drawing diagrams to do with operating systems word, applications and printers etc. Very boring.