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    This, and for whoever else wishes to hear a miracle:

    “Last month, my diabetic grandmother had a stroke. She went to the hospital and they ran many tests to determine her condition. Miraculously, it was a minor stroke but an MRI still had to be done to see if she had any clotting in her arteries. Part of this procedure required that a tiny tube be threaded through her arteries.
    My grandmother was afraid to have them run this tube all the way up to her brain. The night before the procedure, we all prayed for her. She opened the Bible and said that God spoke to her in Psalm 63, which talks about thirsting for God and praising him joyfully. That night, God also spoke to me in prayer bringing me peace and assuring me that my grandmother was going to be okay.
    After the MRI was done, the doctor came to me and my family and was very confused. The doctor said that he did not find any clotting of the arteries in her brain and wasn’t sure what had caused her stroke. He thought maybe it was a medication that she stopped taking.
    Today, my grandmother is gaining her strength back with therapy and her blood-sugar is being controlled. What a wonderful God we serve!”