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Pat McDonald

@Chrispydelic 538280 wrote:

This is the other problem I have with the big three religions. Believe that this is right or suffer eternal damnation in hell. Doesn’t really seem fair does it? Seeing as how we have only geography or the beliefs of our parents or peers to steer us in the right direction.

For example: If I were borne in a part of the world where say Islam is the order of they day and because the majority of people surrounding me believe in the same thing I am bound to feel that this is they way that is correct and so I would be pleased in the knowledge that as long as I stick to the rules, I am guaranteed a place in heaven.

Now apply this to each of the big three. Christianity, Islam and judaism. They are all convinced that they are correct and presumably are sure in their knowledge that they are not going to hell. But they can’t all be correct.

I would just like to add that I am not an atheist and not exactly an agnostic.

So, quite possibly, there isn’t a heaven or hell save what me make and choose…

… put it this way. I have seen evidence of informational transfer beyond death… but that’s it. So I’m not one for reincarnation, logically disprovable at the one to one “my soul goes on forever” sort of thing.