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    @Clusterfrog 454091 wrote:

    Cant be arsed, built my last PC with the help of someone who had done it many times before and it was still a fucking disaster. Still have to patch it up occasionally. The graphics card was the last thing to go a couple of weeks ago. New graphics card has driver problems. And so on.

    I’d be happy to do all this if I wasn’t a producer but when you’re working on a track with 100 channels and plugins on each one you need something solid as a rock. I know PCs have come a long way since windows 7 and are a lot more stable then they used to be but they still require maintenance and customisation, which is great if you want a flexible computer and are happy to be a tekky, but I have to do that shit all day at work.[/quote]

    To be fair most of my audio/video work is straight mixing of 2 channel content or basic video editing – ironically work is one reason why i use PC kit, as i get to keep all the obsolete or decomissioned stuff, plus I can get anything at trade prices provided I pay the company back. Also my background is more in broadcast AV and they increasingly use PC’s there (even some edit suites are PC based, as are many smaller radio stations).

    I don’t have time for any bullshit in the evenings and I’ve got the money so I’ll happily pay through the nose for the convenience of something that works out of the box and doesn’t fuck around. Also you can’t get Metasynth on the PC which is a deal breaker.

    TBH some years ago I very nearly bought a mac laptop from some dude second hand as it had 1394 and they have a nice in built video capture/editing software and I was all ready to cycle into town and hand over the cash but the chap decided to keep it….