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Hmm – plenty of people down south like fast music too

I think there’s a deeper reason for this

up North and in Scotland licensed dance music events are grudgingly endured by authorities as the drinks / ticket sales contribute more to the local economy despite the costs of drink/drugs binges.

down south if someone has a big town venue there are far less risky things (from a business POV) they can do with it like make it a restaurant or just turn it into yuppie flats or offices – more potential and richer customers, less bad image etc..

so there are less dance music events down south apart from in lower-income areas …and althought east Anglia has a lot of music lovers there are also a lot of puritans (many with power and influence) who get venues restricted or closed down…

take a look at DSI and where all the venues what don’t get closed down end up, whether its north or south they all tend to be in lower-income areas.. music is being pushed into the ghetto IMO..