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    NRGboy wrote:
    yes, pure evil cunts, and probably not because of addiction or money troubles but because they are just evil. There’s not a fat lot they would be able to do without any hands. All though chopping off peoples limbs is a bit extreme, but if it prevents inocent people being vicously attacked and sometimes killed then maybe IT IS a solution ????????

    this already sometimes happens in London amongst the criminal fraternity – maybe not whole hands but a few fingers etc, someone ( a prolific burglar) was actually crucified (nails and all) in Hillingdon, and doused in petrol (not sure if he was actually burned, but petrol is corrosive to the skin even if not lit.

    In Northern Ireland there are many documented instances of the paramilitaries dealing with “scallies/chavs” by putting a few pistol rounds into their kneecaps!

    But of course the NHS ends up patching up these people (the injuries are often explained away as industrial injuries) – everyone else pick up the cost (as the injured person can often never get a decent job) – often brothers and associates of the injured person will take the fight back to those who did him over. other innocent family members are caught up in these wars (or complete randoms who where the gang picks the wrong house/person – happens fairly often!)

    What it doesn’t stop is the violence. This escalates for evermore.

    Someone with no hands could get a nasty sharp hook fitted and use those to slash at people.. pirates did and still do this…

    you might as well just have shot them TBH

    If the use of violence really stopped further violence, we could all be having fucking excellent parties in a “free democratic” Iraq by now (it would be a damn sight warmer for one thing!)