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    Sini wrote:

    I get what you’re all saying lol.
    Personal opininons, do you think any of them had some truth in it, certain examples or anything…?
    Curious ^_^

    Maybe, maybe. I dont have examples, but I dont doubt that weird unexplainable shit goes on, so its really plausible that they have maybe experienced the odd thing for real. On and off camera maybe.

    I prefer to experience things like this myself. We have an old mental hospital near us, derelict of course. Was built over a 100 years ago and Is huge. Theres been alot of weird stuff going on there. It was in the papers that one part of what Is now next to the reccy, was a burial ground, where a load of babies were berried. Not a grave yard, a burial ground… Its were me and me mates used to go to get fucked. I remember when i was a kid, and sober, I saw a woman with no shoes on walking through all these nettles, with flowers in her had.