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sidney b

    Good day!
    fuck off[MAD][/MAD]
    today has been one of the most cuntish days to date yet.

    not only did i write my car off but im too much of a fucking mellon to remember when my MOT runs out.
    basacily resulting in my insurance being invailed costing me £3.500.[MAD][/MAD]
    had the garage quote how much its going to cost if i wanted to get it road worthy and its something stupid like £3.000.

    i took a loan to get it and i only had it 4 months.its going to take me 3 years to pay off.
    properly gutted
    its a fucking harsh lesson, still hasent really sank in.
    it happened like 1.00pm today.
    so sorry, but FUCK OFF IS IT A GOOD DAY[MAD][/MAD]