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    Well you asked for a few reasons and I gave a couple but was thinking about this last night and well basicaly as I’ve said I allready no what it means to be a mod plus I would like the opertunity to help get this site back to its original roots and more talk of parties obviously every1 wants to talk about other stuff to which is all good but I have been partying since 1997 so I have many years of throwing parties plus going to em also I’m a qualified sound engineer so that would also be of some help to you, I’m open minded so wont ridicule people for there beleifs as were all intitled to our I have had alot of drug issues in the past which I have always said I want to no what I’m putting into my body so I always read up on what ever is going down my neck/up me nose so I can also help out on that side of things for the people who are willing to try but not sure all I can do there is advise people.Any way enuff off what I can do all I can say now is my help is there if you want it.:group_hug