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    djprocess;245752 wrote:
    only if i get my name in blue tho, with silver sparkles, otherwise no dice im afraid:wink::love:

    ello ello ello what we got goin on here then???thought we got you already mr process??dont matter as I’m gunna put my name up to..A quick couple of reasons, been here a while now so no quite alot of the regulars an have a shit loada time on me hands also I no what I’m doing as I help out on another site to so shouldnt screw nuffin up.Any way thats all I’m guna say for now ahhh fuk it I do have ALOT of time as dont work due to being signd off by the doc (dont worry I’m not to mad:crazy::you_crazy:crazy:) so there you have it I’m all yours PV If ya want me…:bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_fl