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    boothy;245594 wrote:
    i applied last time but was pipped to the post! :laugh_at:

    i think i would make a good moderator because i am very tolerant and therefore would not abuse the power or become “heavy” i.e. start over-moderating the place, however when something does need removing for serious reasons this is obviously a different case!

    also i will bring a youthful side to the moderating team :laugh_at::wink:

    also i’m on here daily and enjoy this site a lot so therefore would like to help it stay a fucking mint site in any way! (i did donate before but now ‘av to wait till i have a debit/credit card as no way of paying!)

    elretardo you’ve hit the big 0, the cocoa and slippers, possibly a pipe, will be out soon, with a nice fire and last of the summer wine on the box…