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    is it called a cherry popper because it helps the gary’s pull 12/13 year old girls? At least until CEOP get them and they end up on the nonce list, although I expect most of them consider a driving ban to be more of a punishment.

    :laugh_at: nah its because theyre loud and fucking annoying.

    Yep. there was a swoop with traffic cops and vosa a few weeks ago. Seems like a bait thing to do really. if you’ve got a car in the first place, and live in a fucking huge mostly rural county, surely it would be more sensible to drive to somewhere further away?

    ah i see. well, a lot of people are from near there and apparently its a good place to race as its pretty much circular for all the people who cant drive their shit cars

    whilst I don’t condone heroin use or dealing, I was amused when I heard of this Asian lad what was dealing in West London for years before being nicked, because he drove a battered old Nissan.

    Metpol were so used to looking for the sort of blinged up “pimpmobile” that some young British Asian lads have (there’s a unique style to these, hard to explain but if you’ve spent any time in West London, Reading, Slough or Aylesbury you will have seen at least one) they overlooked him for ages..

    LOL. Yah, i know what ya mean