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    What that man said!

    This is ture only of you replace the the entire system including manifold , most of the idiots who mod their cars are only concerned with the back box (the bit that makes the noise ) if not matched correctly a loss of power is normally the result of fitting over size back box.

    yeah.. pretty much the exact words i was gunna say. people usually just bung a cherry popper on the end, slam it… then destroy their car when they go over a speed bump.

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    i think the only possible way these look and sound cool is when they are on massive old harleys or chopper type of bikes, and when they’re loud they are fucking loud and look pretty impressive as well, but they sort of fit with the whole look of it, apparently they also save lives as well (bit sceptical tbh) as they give people quite a lot of advanced warning about them coming…

    but the ones on battered novas, look and make you sound like a total tard.

    exactly. saw a micra go past with a giant exhaust the other day. turned round to see what kind of speedy modified car it was and a micra hobbled past. i cringed.

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    well they are getting attention, except its from Suffolk Constabulary and VOSA! :laugh_at:

    they’ve built loads of yuppie flats overlooking where they garys’ hang out in Ipswich and these yuppies are dobbing them all into the OB…

    do you mean by the D’s GL? i know loads of people that have recently gone done around there

    my little polo is just going to have loud reggae :love: