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    not 100% officially but his parents confirmed to local metpol and the media that the body found was wearing the same clothes as Andrew Cooke and of similar appearance.

    This chap apparently had a distinctive style of dress/fashion so it would be unlikely to be anyone else. and even if it were there’s still little good news as he would still be missing and that would be another body to add to the 3 others found in the same week!

    I have checked the central Scotland Yard press bureau but they are clearly working through multiple serious crime cases in the same borough and region (all unlinked other than the victims being in their 20s-30s) so the report hasn’t been shown there yet. Can’t blame them as the press office only has limited resources, there does not yet appear to be clear evidence foul play was involved (the “legal highs” can have very nasty mental effects and comedowns including people harming themselves) and they need to concentrate limited resources on putting out publicity aimed at catching many violent people…