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    @Logue {the1log} 472691 wrote:

    I had been holding hope for the fella. Such a shame. I wonder what the full story is.

    sadly this isn’t the first misper we’ve had reported on this forum or on the rave scene and although in the more fun/optimistic times of the late 90s/early 2000s it often really was just folk going on a 3 day bender and hiding up on the comedown, in recent years the news has never been good, 99% of the time now these incidents result in a body being found in sketchy circumstances.

    BTW there are now two men dead, the second was a Polish dude unconnected to raves but looks like suicide or OD, at the early age of 25.

    As for what happened to “cookie”, (who has connections to my former town!) now it is time for detectives to gather the evidence and a Court to decide that, though according to his friends he had somehow got red paint on his face rather than claret (hence his appearance) so hopefully wasn’t done over.

    Still bad that his body ends up in the cut however he came to be in there, and it is now a job for detectives and Court to get the full story.

    BTW all the right wing nationals have run the story. their reporting has been sympathetic to the parents and not made a big thing about illegal raves as such (as they remain common in East London) but it has mentioned “legal highs” and the damage is done now anyway.

    in fact its now 3 young people dead the same week in the same area, a lad jumped in front of tube train, the aforementioned polish chap and a former actress allegedly murdered by one of her own family. This sort of thing, coupled with an emerging backlash against TOWIE style culture (however “sympathetically” it might initially get reported is going to impact on how night time events are treated. it certainly has done big time 70 miles North East..)