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Personally, as far as the old retro 8 bit sounds go, I like the sound of them, but only if they sound proppa amstrad/sinclair like, like this for instance. There is allot of crap out at the moment and from years back where it was abused cos it was thought of as the in thing” I have got a amstard464 emulator and I was playing dizzy the other week. Oh and silent service by microprose. (my very first submarine simulator where it all stemmed from) Microprose where damn good devs, they would come up with some great sims, gunship, F15 strike eagle, and even in the 90’s they came up with th original xcom games. Anyways back to 8 bit, I do drift about from time to time don’t I. Yeah so I like it but only I it feels right. Oh and I been playing bomb jack, thrust, hero quest, nighthawk. Back when the oliver twins were like the only programers for their games they came out with some bangers. Nowdays codemasters are a bunch of dicks. They killed the operation flashpoint series with that damn red river fiasco. fancy making a sequel that has less online content than the predesessor, and for the downloadable content they released 2 months later which was a whole 2 MB only pointed towards the fact the the extra content was already on the disk, and they took it out just so they could make us pay more money to unlock something that we already had. Anyway codemasters have now closed their guilford studio and are no longer making anything other than motersport games.